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Tojokan Dojo is a newly authorized and licensed Dojo of the International Shinkendo Federation (ISF). We are located in Santa Clara, and have had our doors open since October 4th, 2010. The head instructor is Sensei Eric Lambert, who trained under the founder of Shinkendo, Kaiso Obata. After two and a half years of training, Kaiso instructed Sensei Lambert to start a dojo.

If you are interested in learning, however the nights do not work with you, contact Sensei Lambert. Also if you are interested in becoming a serious student but income is a problem, please get in touch and see if something can be worked out. Also, students are encouraged to practice at either of the other two licensed branches in Northern California: Aikido of Livermore and Train for Life in Morgan Hill.

Feel free to email Sensei at shibucho [at] tojokandojo [dot] com with any questions.

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Shinkendo apeals to me because it is a traditional martial art. It has not been made into a sport and does not have that “game” aspect. We practice techniques which would actualy be used and we practice them in a way which would actualy be effective.

-Brian Harness


Shinkendo is not like the sport-oriented fencing/kendo, and there is no fantastic movement or incredible cutting skill we saw on the movie. Every thing we learn here is practical and filled with pure budo spirit. It is the place to pursuit the real swordmanship.

-Steven Wang


Tojokan Dojo is a great dojo to be learning the art of shinkendo. The sensei, Eric Lambert, may be young, but he is a very good teacher. He is kind, patient, very understanding, and has a lot of knowledge in the art of shinkendo. I really hope that he will continue sharing his knowledge with others. I have not been to the dojo at the Campbell location, but the location in Santa Clara is a good place to be learning this sword art. Please, feel free to show up to one (or more) of the classes at either place and see what you think of him!

-Leslie Phelps