About the Dojo


Tojokan Dojo means “School of the Rising Castle.” This name was given to the school by the founder of Shinkendo, Kaiso Obata.

Founded on Oct 4th, 2010, Tojokan Dojo started with only a handful of students, but over the years and thanks to local community demonstrations and articles about us in the San Jose Mercury News, we have grown to be a respectable sized dojo. While we are still young, and small, we are continuing to grow and attract new students. In fact, as of January 1st, 2012 the martial arts offerings at Tojokan Dojo have expanded from Shinkendo (including Toyama Ryu) for adults, to Aikibujitsu for adults, as well as Junior Aikido for minors ages 6-18.

Soon we hope to also expand to teach Bojitsu (can be used for Bo, long staff, or Yari,  spear, and or Naginata, bladed polearm). An additional art we are currently exploring is Koshidan Ryu Jujitsu. While similar to Aikibujitsu, Koshidan Ryu Jujitsu is a little more physical and difficult style then Aikibujitsu. 

As of July 2014, we have moved to our very own space in downtown San Jose.


About the Shibucho

Shibucho translates to “Branch Manager.” The Shibucho for Tojokan Dojo is our head instructor, Sensei Eric Lambert.

Sensei Lambert was trained by the founder Kaiso Obata for two and a half years at the Hombu (International Headquarters) Dojo in Los Angeles, CA. While training, he had the opportunity and privilege of meeting and training with sensei from around the world, some of who were among the first students of Shinkendo. Before leaving Southern California, Kaiso instructed Sensei Lambert to establish a Shinkendo dojo when able. Currently Sensei Lambert attends the Seikishin Dojo in Morgan Hill, under Sensei Margarita Jimenez.

Sensei Lambert currently holds the following ranks and licenses:

Shinkendo: Gohmokuroku, Shidoin                                                                    

Toyama Ryu: Shodan  

Aikibujitsu: Nikyu, Kenshuin

Sensei Lambert’s interest in martial arts began when he was still a young lad. The first martial art he studied (officially) was Kendo, for about a year. Afterwards he studied fencing at college.

After two quarters, he and another student took it upon themselves to teach themselves, intermediate, and advanced students (for there was no instructor for anything but beginners). This continued for about two years until Sensei Lambert moved down to Southern California to train in Shinkendo and Aikibujitsu under Kaiso Obata.

While devoted to Shinkendo, Lambert Sensei still has the desire to learn as many martial arts as possible, regardless of time period, country, or weapon. Some of the other martial arts Eric has been introduced to include: Fiore (Italian Weapon Master), Jujitsu, Brazillian Jujitsu, Boxing, and Celtic Iron Age Fighting.