Martial Methods and Techniques of Harmonizing Ki

Aikibujitsu is an empty handed system that allows one to utilize an opponents energy or force (ki) and redirect it through either locks, pins (osi) or throws (nagewaza). The idea of flowing into or with an opponent to eventually control the opponent through several possible techniques, rather then trying to match power with power.Aikibujitsu techniques are used by law enforcement agencies around the world as they can be used for single, or multiple attackers. The techniques can be used as reactionary to an attack, or preemptive if the opponent has or is believed to have a weapon. Most importantly in Aikibujitsu, the techniques are used because they can and should be done with no injury to the practioner, and very little injury (i.e. temporary pain, not long term breaks or injuries) to those that receive the technique.


ashisabakiAshisabaki – Footwork

Taisabaki – Body movement

Kumite – Paired exercise

Jiyuwaza – Free sparring against one or multiple attackers




Aikibujitsu training tools/weaponsicon_aikibujitsu

Aikibujitsu is primarily an empty handed system. Meaning the hands are free to grab, strike (atemi), deflect, etc… However more advance students of Aikibujitsu will also receive training in:

  • Bo (long staff)
  • Jo (short staff)
  • Tanto (knife)
  • Bokken (wood sword)


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