Junior Aikido

Currently accepting students for wait list. When we have enough classes will start! Email Sensei to put your name on the list!!!

The 2 adult martial arts shared a promotional video produced by the International Shinkendo Federation. However there is no junior Aikido classes available at Hombu dojo, so the promotional video would do little to inform you of what junior Aikido has to offer your minor.

The Way of Harmonizing Ki, for minors

Junior Aikido is a brand new class, starting Jan 1st, 2011 that focuses on teaching minor’s (ages 6-18) the art of Aikido. Unlike the adult version of Aikibujitsu, junior Aikido is a much more softer and gentler art. There are no hard throws or pins, and safety is the number one priority for your child and the entire class. Children participating in Aikido will get not only a physical workout, i.e. running, falling (with proper technique so no injury), and basic self defense… but they will also receive training of the mind. One part is the history of Aikido so that they understand what they are learning and why. The other part is the mental training of discipline and etiquette that is a necessary part of any martial art. This is not military drill sargent style, but meant for minors. What that means it is firm discipline and etiquette, without being harsh.

What your child can expect to learn

  • Ashisabaki - Footwork
  • Taisabaki - Body movement
  • Kumite - Paired excercise (basic escapes)
  • Ukemi - Falling and rolling (safely)
  • Healthy habits
  • Discipline and etiquette

What junior Aikido offers your childicon_aikibujitsu

Junior Aikido has a lot to offer your child, as has been stated above. Let alone all the physical techniques for escaping attackers and controlling attackers causing little to no injury to anyone. But also kids run, fall down, and usually end up with bumps and bruises. While that cannot truly ever be eliminated, Aikido will teach your child how to fall safely with little to no injury.

But as well as the physical techniques, Aikido will teach your child the importance of discipline, and etiquette.

Your, the student’s, next step!

As of right now, we are waiting for multiple students to be interested before starting class. Please contact Sensei, to express interest.


For more information on Junior Aikido (as this is a very brief overview) please http://aiki-buken.com/main.html

If you are interested in visting Tojokan Dojo and watching a class, please either contact Sensei at shibucho@tojokandojo.com and just let him know who you are, and when you plan to watch a class.

You can also visit the New Students page that should answer most of your questions. We look forward to seeing you in class.