Way of the True Sword

Shinkendo was started in the 1990′s by Kaiso Toshishiro Obata, and the International Shinkendo Federation(ISF) was founded in 1994. However, do not let the year it was created mislead you. Shinkendo has been based on more then a thousand years of Samurai history.  Kaiso Obata not only used the research to develop Shikendo, but also trained in the physical, mental, philosophical and historical aspects as well. Only to have learned one or a few of these would not allow for a complete and thorough understanding of swordsmanship. As such, all ISF dojo’s also train the physical body and the mind. We also teach the philosophy Bushido and the history of not only Shinkendo but the overall system.

The 5 aspects of Shinkendo

shinkendo_aspectsSuburi – Swinging and Basics

Battoho – Combative Drawing and Sheathing

Tanrengata – Main Solo Forms

Tachiuchi – Partnered Training

Tameshigiri – Test-Cutting Practice


Ranking in Shinkendoicon_shinkendo

Ranking in Shinkendo is based on the more traditional ranking system. What that means is there are no belts in Shinkendo, no is there the modern Dan or Kyu rankings. Menjo or certificates are tested for and earned during the course of study. However there instructor and student testing material and requirements are different. In other words, one can test for the highest rank in Shinkendo, but never have tested for any instructor ranks. This may be for any number of reasons, but ultimately the idea is that being a great martial artists, doesn’t mean you are a good teacher, or visa versa. Some can be great martial artists, but very poor teachers, and the opposite can be just as true.


Your, the student’s, next step!

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