Current Students



Upcoming Demonstrations:

No Demonstrations Planned: If you can think of a demonstration or community event you’d like to see us at, please contact Lambert Sensei.


Upcoming Seminars:

Shochu-Geiko Seminar

Hombu Dojo

August 16th – 18th

Information available on the forums


Shinrei Dojo Seminar with Kaiso-Obata

Livermore, Shinrei Dojo

September 6th – 8th

Upcoming Testing:

Testing for Shinkendo: October 2013

Testing for Aikibujitsu: October 2013

Testing for Toyama Ryu: October 2013


Upcoming Events:

07/10/13 Target Rolling and Dinner

Private Lessons:

$50.00/per hour for private lessons. Please contact Sensei to set up a time for a private lesson.


Private Lessons